Fractal Kit

Welcome to all those who are curious!

This is the official site of the currently in-development Fractal Kit–an educational science and art kit about fractal patterns in nature.

Why fractals?

Fractals are SMART: Science, Math, & Art

The intrinsic beauty of fractals makes them an ideal introduction to inspire curiosity about nature, mathematics, and complexity. Although fractals are conceptually simple to understand, their ubiquity in nature beckons deeper questions about the structure of reality.

Why a kit?

Exploring is the best way to learn about fractals (and anything for that matter)! Zooming into a fractal can be mind-blowing and mesmerizing.  But sometimes, it is nice to have a guide along the way to highlight important notes and to open your eyes to things you may have missed.

This kit is your guide between dimensions and into the fascinating world of fractals.

Curious yet?

Explore the site to learn more and stay posted about the development of this kit by following this site!

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